"Hiring a creative firm is one of the best
investments you can make in your


Graphic Design

Bringing strategy to life and concepts to completion

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We use our creative expertise to reach your goals and elevate your content, taking it from good to great! We produce every type of deliverable known to mankind: brochures, books, publications, white papers, presentations, signage–anything you can dream up and everything beyond!


Standing out and drawing a crowd

Your brand is so much more than a fun tagline and a cute graphic. In a sea of offerings, your brand is the proverbial lighthouse that guides people to you. It’s the first impression you make. It is what people remember, and what represents you when you aren’t there. What it shouldn’t be–is daunting. We help you distill your true identity, making your brand as unique and memorable as you are.


A picture is worth a thousand words, an illustration–even more

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Illustrations convey powerful messages that photographs or generic stock sometimes can’t. That’s where we jump in with custom imagery! Whether it’s vector based or digitally drawn images, we like being artsy for our clients. Heck, we even love the opportunity to pick up a real pencil when we can!


Putting your best face forward

Your site or app is the forward-face of your brand. In the ever-changing tech game, having an intuitive, user-friendly, mobile digital platform is essential for your brands survival. Whether you need a new site, a complete redesign, or just an update–we’ll guide you through the process and help show the world your best face.

Motion Graphics

Not your grandmother’s infomercial!

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Tired of all the talking heads in informative web videos and presentations? You aren’t alone–most users are also. Animation creates a more dynamic experience for your audience. It can convey complex ideas and distil them into engaging motion graphics to make that lasting impact you need.

So who are we?

Founded in 2009, Shift calls Ottawa home. Since our inception we have been creative problem solvers! We believe smart design is not only about delivering an attractive product; it’s about connecting and engaging with people.

We believe that design should be disruptive–but not just for the sake of disruption. Smart design adds value to any product, strengthens your business position and key message. It allows you to create real value and stand out from the crowd, engaging your tribe.

Your image really is everything; to you, your tribe, and to us. Working with you to develop, refine, and polish that image is what we do best. So, unless you’re an angry mother, telling us our tagline is horrible–we’d love to start working our magic with you.

Who we work with

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