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We don’t try to hide behind industry rhetoric when trying to explain what drives us as a company. When it comes down to it, there is nothing more exciting for us than smart design (Ya – it’s the kind of thing that keeps us up at night.) and without a doubt; there is nothing more important than our clients. Your image really IS everything to us, and working with you to develop that image is what we do best.

So, unless you’re an angry mother, telling us our tagline is horrible – we’d love to hear from you.

So, what do we bring to the table?

With a combination of over 20+ years working with visual and digital media, Shift180 draws from a wide range of experience in concept and creative development, graphic design, branding, web development, animation and modeling for both government and the private sector. A few of our past and present clients include:

The Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine

Belmaica, Beachwear and Activewear

The University of Ottawa

Bruyère Continuing Care

Claridge Homes

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association

The Royal Canadian Mint

Exercise is Medicine Canada

The Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units

National Resources Canada

Canadian Senator Elaine McCoy, Qc

We have also edited numerous television series, music videos, commercials and documentaries for Bravo, CBC, Family Channel, Global TV, PBS, Spike TV, and Teletoon.

Sure that’s a big list for a small company – but hey, we’re proud of it. The flexibility of a small office gives us the ability to work one-on-one with our clients through all aspects of production, ensuring you get the whole package, exactly as you want it – every time.

Vous avez un projet en français? On s’en occupe!

Or maybe it’s work in Spanish you need? ¡No hay problema!
  • Katharina Grace

    Art Director
  • John Forbes

    Technical Director
  • Layla Mitchell

    Web developer